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Janie's Jumpstart Weekend Music and Caller's Camps

Callers - beginning callers, intermediate callers, people thinking about starting to call: big news for you.

* Thu Jan 30 - Sun, Feb 2, 2014 for beginner callers and intermediate level musicians

* Fri Mar 28 - Sun Mar 30, 2014 for intermediate callers and musicians

Each camp is small - limited to 8 callers and 16 musicians. These are unique opportunities to learn from and spend quality time with highly regarded contra instructors in a comfortable home setting. The small classes allow individual attention for students. All meals included.

January Jumpstart for beginning callers and intermediate musicians:

This calling camp focuses on basic calling mechanics and techniques with plenty of opportunity to practice. This intensive is perfect for people who have been calling for a short time or never called before. You'll leave with a handful of choices of dances you feel comfortable to call, and the skills requisite to get comfortable with others. This camp has a generous amount of calling practice time, both group and individual. Other topics for this intensive to pull from:

  • Communicating with Musicians

  • Building an evening program

  • Collecting Dances

  • The beginner's workshop

  • Teaching dances

  • Stage Presence

  • Material for community dances

  • Recovering from mistakes

  • Evaluation and Feedback

This camp features instructors:

  • Fiddle: Jane Rothfield
  • Piano/Guitar, Mandolin: Bob Pasquarello
  • Calling: Seth Tepfer

Registration and more details available here.

March Jumpstart for Intermediate Callers and musicians:

This small calling class will focus on fine tuning the larger picture of your calling experience. Each intensive weekend is tailored to the participants and uses a variety of experiential methods to convey critical concepts. This weekend is appropriate for people who are comfortable calling full evenings and have learned from many mistakes. This session is not appropriate for people who need to focus on mechanics or basics of calling. Other topics for this intensive to pull from:

  • Matching dances to music
  • Improving your teaching
  • The right dance for right now
  • Medleys, no walk thrus, rolling starts, hash calling
  • Squares
  • Stage Presence
  • The big picture
  • Getting hired for dance weekends
  • Evaluation and feedback

This camp features instructors:

  • Calling: Seth Tepfer
  • Fiddle: Jane Rothfield
  • Banjo, Fiddle, more: Bill Quern
  • Guitar/Concertina: Sarah Gowan
  • Bass/Guitar: Allan Carr

Registration and more details available here.

Call 770-289-3204 or  email seth@danceRhapsody.com to discuss details.


770-289-3204 · seth@DanceRhapsody.com

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